Dive-trip to Frøya 2013

Accomodation at Svellingen, Frøya

Svellingen Havfiskecamp on the island Frøya has several different houses for rent, this being one of the larger, and perfectly located on the waterfront next to the marina. Svellingen havfiskecamp mostly targets enthusiast sports fishing men, but is also near perfect for our diving, as long as you bring your own compressor for filling the scuba cylinders.

Our dive club Bærum Undervannsklubb has been going here yearly for more than 10 years, after trying other places in earlier years. Svellingen Havfiskecamp also has a very accomodating host, so it is always great to be back.

The diving

This is a picture of me at the helm of the RIB belongoing to Equinor dive-club which is our partner in organizing the Frøya trips.The dive-sites are a short boat ride from Svellingen, typically 20 minutes at decent speed.

Bærum Undervannsklubb had it's own RIB at the time, seen here in the weather we typically expereince at Frøya. (The locals says it is NOT typical, but we seem to be very lucky with the weather on our trips). Our club has later sold the RIB, as it was only used for these yearly trips. Renting a boat is more convenient than maintining our own with such little use.

This is a giant scallop, the main object of the trip is to have som fun and pick these. This is the way the look if they are not disturbed. They are filter feeders with their clams open, but will close up if they sense a threat. Contrary to what many believe, the flat side is the side facing up, and the curved side is buried in the sand. When it closes up, it becomes flust with the seabed, but you can still see the contour. The challenge is finding a good spot, not the picking itself.

The evenings

The evenings is time for social activities, which I am not sharing on the web, but this year we were treated to this spectacular Aurora Borealis. What was unique here, is that we enjoyed this during a warm autumn night sitting outside in t-shirts. Most Aurora Borealis experiences takes plave in freezing cold weather, as it is only visible at night.


Empty shells

Aurora Borealis

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