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This web-site is about my photography and travel, and the only purpose is to show my photographs in different ways. The photographs are best viewed on a good screen with full HD resolution, but will also work on a smartphone if you scroll sideways. Try hitting the [F11] key to view the site in full-screen. [F11] again to return to normal browser view. You can mousover an image when viewing an automatic slide-show to suspend it. Move the cursor away from the image area to resume. Clicking on thumbnails opens a full-size image in a new window.

How to use:

All images can be viewed in one of 3 different types of galleries:

1. Photo Gallery: The selected gallery will open as thumbnails. Click on a thumbnail to open an image. Click the X to close or arrows appearing to the left or right in the image to scroll backward or forward in the gallery.

2. Fast slideshow: Images will be displayed one at a time at 5 second intervals. Good if you want to view without touching the computer. Mouseover to suspend for longer viewing.

3. Slow slideshow: Images will be displayed one at a time at 3 minute intervals. Good if you are not using the computer and want nice images on the screen without frequent disturbing changes.

4. Blog: In some places there are also blogs with text on the subject, particularly on travel destinations.


My two older generation web-sites (my current is the 3rd generation):

My first web-site completed in 1996

My second web-site completed in 2005

På Norsk (In Norwegian):

Jeg er norsk, og bor ofte i Norge. Hvorfor skrive på engelsk? Jeg har bodd flere år i utlandet (i tilsammen 8 ulike land inkludert Norge), og reiser mye. Jeg har derfor mange bekjente som ikke snakker norsk. Derimot er det få av mine norske venner som ikke snakker engelsk, så valget var enkelt.


Ths site does not use cookies, except for the slideshows to remember where you left off. The only other information collected is the statistical data typically collected by most web-servers on the Internet. This web-site has no code written to collect data.


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